the dark side.

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I knew there was something about those Darth Vader inspired visors from Balenciaga, no matter how absurd they may look. I've been anticipating the fashion week season just to see if anyone would be game enough to wear it. Trust Anna Dello Russo and Hanneli to be daring enough to do so. Did anyone notice the sequins when they came down the runway last September? I sure didn't. A rather surprising element to include in an otherwise bold masculine piece. Striking from the back, slightly softer and more feminine from the front. It’s also a perfect way to highlight details of your outfit - like the way it brought out ADR’s clutch and matching red nails. If Darth Vader ever had a dark side female counterpart (which would have been Padme), I’m sure she would have opted for a sequinned helmet. 

While most would see this as a fashion statement, I would find it more useful in avoiding social situations and avoiding eye contact. Like if you're having one of those off days where you feel like the world is against you and you’re not really interested in talking to anyone. Or you got dragged along to a party and don’t feel like engaging in small talk with strangers. Just thinking about all the scenarios it could be useful in is seriously making me consider buying one. Alternatively if you’re chasing after the HBIC title, this is guaranteed to instill fear in all  who cross your path. Now all that’s missing is a breathing problem and a lightsaber. 

 *Hey boyfriend, proud of my Star Wars references?


  1. Hahaha, no way! This is for real? Wow...well, it definitely makes a statement. And it is a much more fashionable option than wearing a paper bag! :)

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  2. I can't imagine it being worn anywhere other than fashion week!