It seems I have an obsession to own a fur vest (faux of course), so what? I don't know why, but lately I've been wanting a fur vest - nothing too over the top of course (maybe a black one with some highlights?), I don't want to look like I killed and skinned an animal for my outfit - who would ever want that, I don't know (But then again, all our leather handbags and shoes and such come from animals too...) Somewhere along the track I seem to have attached the image of an all work no play editor of a magazine/ PR agent/ model/ photographer/ writer etc. in the fashion industry with a fur vest, and that's an image I've always wanted to aspire to. There's just something about it... it just commands style, chic and class - not to mention it keeps you warm and it's super soft to touch. I'm finding the easiest way to work it into an outfit is over blacks - black tee, black wet leggings, heels and a contrasting clutch or handbag. Seems to work like a charm!

Not too sure where to pursue this fur phase, or even if I can at all. My boyfriend detests the idea of it (we went to Bondi over the weekend and he would pull me away every time I caught a glimpse of some faux fur). In fact the only fur he likes is this...

Just an ongoing joke we have. But I could really do with some pho to warm me up on a cold winter day!


  1. You should order the Prada faux fur stole. They come in so many colours and are amazinggg! Mine should be here next week. Eep!! :o)

  2. ohhhh FAB post honey, what beautiful collection of ladies in faux fur :)))
    this blog is a little dreammm xx

  3. Agreed, totalllly sold on the idea of (faux) fur. I'm actually just into the sheer shagginess of such pieces. They add such a great texture and volume to the top half of any outfit. Still on the hunt for one of course...

    x K

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