It's the first day of spring so I figure I'd commemorate the occasion with a dedication my two favourite wardrobe items that got me through the chilly season. Not that I had to endure as much of it this year, I cheated on winter for a sticky hot month in Beijing and I have to admit I actually enjoyed it. Throwing on a pair of shorts and a basic singlet before rushing off to class (that or gym gear, yes guilty as charged). Having visited the one COS store in Beijing four times in a month and not purchasing anything for myself, I bought the sweater on a whim so I wouldn't leave the country empty handed. Who knows when I'd be back in the vicinity of COS? It ended up being the greatest decision because I've been wearing it with everything.

As for boyfriend jeans that shouldn't be called boyfriend jeans because most men wear skinny fit nowadays and most boys hate it when their girlfriends wear looser cuts. Something about being unflattering? Never mind that, they're so comfortable especially for those days when putting on skinny jeans is just too much effort. Or when you know you're in for a big meal and anticipate stuffing yourself silly. Boys don't realise but that's exactly what they're for.

Photos by Uppy Photo


  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to say that I discovered your blog this weekend, and god knows how I didn't find it sooner. I went back through all the archives (yes, a little OCD when I find new blogs I like) and your posts are incredibly well-written. Looking forward to seeing more of your Spring outfits xx

    1. Oh Jamie-Lee, that's so sweet. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you love it. I just clicked through to your blog and I'm loving your posts too. The Kate Sylvester baseball cap was my favourite piece from her fashion week collection. And your beauty flat lays are impeccable!

  2. ha my fiance is the opposite, he wishes I would wear baggy jeans more often! love your jeans, the print is so cute x

  3. Those Dannika Zen heels are kind of incredible. They look so good with the boyfriend jeans!

    x karen