birthday suit.

Here it is. The birthday suit in all it's glory. And for those of you who were saying how perfect they would look together, I may have had that planned from the start. As incredible as it is to be decked out in all Acne everything, it's slightly scary to think about the combined price tag for this getup. Four digits. Gulp. Still not as bad as high roller Jack who recently acquired a bespoke suit from Herringbone. I'm constantly torn between whether to buy, buy, buy or save for the many overseas adventures I intend to take next year and then I'm dragged back down to reality by mother who reminds me she none of the luxuries I do now and how I should just save up for a house. That's about the least of my worries right now. 

Back to the Acne. If you're on the shorter side I'd highly recommend trying the Skin 5's. They'e slightly cropped (which means the perfect length for us), slim leg and super skinny fit. As for the bomber, I'm finding it extremely hard to part with given the increase in temperature lately. I'm more than happy to boil as long as it's in this bomber. Raybans included for a Top Gun/ BAMF vibe. 


  1. Confession: when I first saw the title of this post, my mind immediately jumped elsewhere... *giggles*
    Now that I've gotten that out of the way, on to your outfit! Can you just see the amount of drool coming from my mouth right now? Well, maybe it's a good thing you can't. All that Acne (the good one, not the bad one) in one place is enough to make a girl's eyes go green with envy. The watercolor floral print on your singlet (I call that a tank top because I'm American whoop whoop but you get the idea) is so dreamy and contrasts so well with the tough bomber jacket. Who cares if it's hot? That bomber is hotter (haha)! And yes, with those aviators, I'm definitely feeling the Top Gun vibes though I must admit, your top is way cuter than anything plane white that Tom Hanks may have worn.

    The SEAREX

  2. Oh, that Acne tank. I toyed with buying it and then wasn't sure. And now, you're making me question my judgement. You look great!