Bassike singlet (worn as a dress), Acne bomber, New Balance sneakers.

Thank god the fashion world decided that flat shoes was in again because I'm not sure how long my poor feet could last if traditional footwear conventions persisted. I'm not quite prepared for the onslaught of Birkenstocks during the summer (though I will happily give the mules we have seen on the runway at NYFW a chance when they're released next year). The New Balance trend, albeit a somewhat outdated one now that Birks on the rise, has given new meaning to the word fashion sneaker. An extension of the Nike Frees + White Converse craze that I admit I also got swept up in, the idea is that you'd never actually run/ train in these shoes but you'd freely sport them regardless of whether you're an athletic person or not.

While they are extremely comfortable and the obvious choice for days where legging it is inevitable, it clearly lacks what heels are best at doing. Okay maybe minus the blisters and sore feet. It's all about lengthening the legs. And because we all know how stumpy I am I'm in a lose-lose situation. No pain, no gain they say. For now I'll just prance around (see image uno for a demonstration) and walk on the balls of my feet as if I were wearing heels. It's true, I really can't win.


  1. Loving the sporty stripe vibes. I have been living in sneakers and my poor feet get confused with the intermittent wearing of heels. Hope you have a great weekend.

    Christie x

  2. Love this look (and I'm not really feeling the Birkenstocks either) xx

  3. Sporty luxe always a good look and the runners look great (so much cuter than birkenstocks)