walk the line.

My last look from MBFWA was a black Theory tank with a white panelled hem. Not long after I scored this BeBe shift in the opposite colours. I'm really taking this minimalism/ monochrome/ two tone thing seriously. One of my greatest challenges in life (alright maybe just the style side of life) is trying to find a shift dress that doesn't make me look like I'm sporting a potato sack. It's not easy given my stature, but then again is it ever? The multitudes I've tried on have either too long and/or too wide so naturally I wasn't hopeful about this one. I was pleasantly surprised. #personalwin

I somehow managed to fuse 60's mod with western cowgirl on a tennis court (sorry I couldn't draw a link between any of these elements) but if you try hard enough you can imagine the sandy grass court is the dusty California desert... hey presto, we're at Coachella. And to top it off I threw a neon aztec embroidery bag for good measure. I spent my entire time in Bali trying to hunt down something like this (apparently it's Thailand that has them in the thousands, Bali had tie-dye and beaded bags. Take note) only to find it was a mere  click away.

And my final personal win for this outfit (ignoring my coveted Harrow boots, that story will come later) is my Lack of Color hat. It was just over a year ago I took a chance on a purple floppy brim, progressed to a structured khaki one (as a substitute for forking out for those Bec & Bridge akubras) and now I've finally graduated to the classic black. We belong together. Hats are definitely my thing. You should all know that by now. Now who knows where I can buy a hat stand? 

Photos by Christine Ai

PS. I don't play tennis in heeled booties and a hat. Snapped these up in between looks for a shoot I styled. I can't wait to share them with you - I think it's me and Christine's best work yet!


  1. Love this outfit - looking amazing!! xx

  2. I love everything you're wearing! I'm really loving the monochrome trend too! But I need more pieces like your cool shift~ so going to hunt it down! The harrow is totally on my wishlist too~ we have the same taste!

  3. Making it my mission to get you to Coachella next year because your outfit (and you) belong there. That hat is perfect, but I think I've already told you that.