august street style edit.

August Street Olivia top & Taylor skirt.

Apologies for falling off the planet after fashion week. It's come to that time of the semester again where the uni work is piling, I'm struggling to keep up to date and today I start a new internship that chews up two out of the no days I have free every week. How I managed to juggle uni, part time work, interning for three years is beyond me. Thankfully I only have a semester and a half left of this manic life. Is it depressing that my light at the end of the tunnel is the promise of a full time job with weekends. Oh weekends how I've longed for you. 

To be completely honest, my involvement with all other aspects of my life has taken its toll on my outlook towards fashion and the industry. It might have something to do with my new found obsession for running and all things fitness related but my wardrobe + blog has not really been feeling the love. Plus I have to save up for my trip to China in July so I'm trying to avoid spending any money. I'm struggling and it's only day four. 

I was asked by August Street to style my favourites from their upcoming winter collection earlier this week and it completely reminded me of what fashion should be. Serious is not one of them, fun is. I surprised myself by picking out this top which I didn't think was me at all and turned it into a look I would actually wear out. Headwear always helps. Check out me trying to be all bad ass baller over at  the August Street blog. 


  1. great photos! fashion should definitely be fun :)

  2. you look great! that top is so cool, and I love the backdrop x

  3. Loving this monochromatic look Mel. Good luck with the new internship. :-)

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes