day 5. two tone.

Theory tank, J Brand boyfriend jeans, Dannika Zen wedges.

Ever since I stopped caring so much about what's hanging in my wardrobe, coupled by the fact that I'm not allowed to buy anything in an effort to save for my month-long exchange trip to China (so really I was forced to) I've been able to eliminate the daily I have nothing to wear dilemma. I've been revisiting old favourites and neglected buys and while my style hasn't been anything groundbreaking (monochrome colour scheme, jeans + sweater combos, silk shirts and Converse on constant rotation) I'm certainly feeling a weight off my shoulders which has given me time to concern myself with more important issues like uni assignments, exams and all that jazz. 

This look was a sign of things to come. I've flushed that side of fashion out of my system and made a return to minimalist ways. Taking up an internship that's not directly involved in fashion (though no matter where I go it always catches up to me. Hello Vogue!) and not needing to concern myself with wearing the latest and the greatest has been a huge help. I can still appreciate good style without having to try and constantly chase it. 

This Theory tank from Green with Envy was my favourite fashion week purchase. Not only does it have that high cut neckline I'm so fond of but it's double lined silk! That's a first. My mother wasn't one to prioritise form over function so she enforced the meaning of well-made clothing (she used to work as a seamstress in her teenage years) at the lowest price possible. Let's just say that $110 paper thin Sass & Bide tee wasn't her favourite thing in my wardrobe. She still thinks that you can buy decent leather boots for under $70. Good luck with that one. While she's sadly never been a huge influence on my style, at least she's taught me that it's alright to fork out the big bucks as long as it's quality and long lasting. Thanks mumma. 

Photos by Christine Ai