in the navy.

Zimmermann playsuit, Ksubi denim vest, Superga sneakers, eQUIP necklace, Sabre sunglasses (Photos by Jack Loo).

Finally made it to the beach... about two months too late. The day before that scorching 43 degree heatwave in Sydney, Jack I went to catch some rays at our favourite coastal hang Freshwater. Is it depressing that I only ever make it out to the beach twice a year? The heat made the surf the perfect temperature and there were long intervals between waves so there were times when we could just float in the ocean. Now armed with two Zimmermann bikinis (and one A.T.G on the way) and a work-in-progress beach bod I just might be ready for Bali which is slowly creeping up on me. I always go through this strange pre-holiday regret phase where the excitement subsides and I secretly wish I'd never planned a holiday because I hate the feeling of come back home to normalcy and routine. Anyone else get that?

This Zimmermann playsuit (hiding behind the equally amazing Ksubi vest) was one of the more impulse buys from spring. Having worn this to my best friend's 21st, intern days, a New Year's Day barbecue and now the beach, I am starting to realise the playsuit's full potential. Expect a post from Bali about my many ways to dress up (and down) this piece and why it's made my wardrobe staples list. 


  1. noooo I never get pre-holiday regret! going and coming home and being depressed sucks, but it's still better than never having been at all! you'll have a great time, and when you come home you'll have all sorts of amazing memories, photos and souvenirs :)

    you look great in this outfit, I just love that vest! x

  2. you look lovely Mel! cannot wait for your Bali diaries! x

  3. you looking very sweet :)) ı follow you...