denim & leather.

Chambray shirt (from Japan), Kahlo leather skirt, Dieppa Restrepo loafers.

Kicking off the year with two of my favourite buys from 2012. This Kahlo leather skirt has seen me through summer winter and summer again (not to mention the countless times I get honked at while waiting at the bus stop in it) and my chambray shirt was a purchase from my trip to Japan (almost a year ago now). I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions - I don't think New Year's should be reason to wipe the slate clean. You can change your routine, your habits, your behaviour any day, any week, any month of the year. Most of the time new year's resolutions seem to fail after the first week of January because there's no real motivation for change. Moral of the story: Change what you want to change, when you want to change. I promised myself I'd go back to the gym after I finished semester and I've been doing just that. This however has seen me foster an obsession with Nike fitness gear. I've bought more Nike in the last month than anything else (which might be a good thing) - but more on that in the not so distant future.

Despite my anti-resolution stance, I have set myself a style resolution to buy more staples and investments and less trend-driven/ impulse purchases. My judgement on what is and what isn't worth the money is slowly improving but I sometimes find myself drawn to pieces that everyone else is coveting. Well here's to another year of finding my signature style!

Photos by Aprilia


  1. Love the loafers! Obviously I still really do adore that skirt - you look summer chic Melissa! :)


  2. Amazing outfit babe! I love the simplicity of it but so on spot with the leather, denim & loafers especially with the balcony background- where was this taken? So pretty!
    I love your style resolution, I feel like trendy pieces that everyone is coveting always messes with my judgement of what is a necessity. Here's to another year of ever-changing signature style!

    x karen

  3. There really is nothing better than a timeless, staple piece of clothing that you can wear years later and still like just as much. I love the 'real' tone that you write with Mel!

  4. With two gorgeous staples like that, you can't go wrong :) you look fabulous xx

  5. I absolutely love this outfit on you. Where did you shoot this? Looking fab :-)

    Feel free to check out my blog if you have time!


  6. Kind of completely obsessed with this outfit...

  7. you look so cute and skinny in the first pic!!

    And I totally agree about New Years Resolutions! I think you shouldn't need a date to decide to change! Change whenever u want!

  8. Love the denim and shoes! Happy new year to you :)

  9. love this outfit! your blog is amazing.

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog