sk8er boi.

Lioness dress, Ksubi denim vest, I Love Ugly 5 polo cap, Converse sneakers.

Don't tell me Avril Lavigne wasn't everything you wish you could be when you were 12. She inspired me to pick up the black eyeliner for my lower lid (and I haven't put it down ever since), studded belts, skull jewellery, sideways caps, jelly bracelets, sweat bands. And ties with tee shirts (which eventually progressed to ties printed on tees)? Ingenious. Kidding! I've certainly come a long way from those dark days. My mother always told me she was a bad influence (I was denied the pleasure of going to her concert which resulted in me ignoring mum for about a week), but I don't think I came out of that part of my life losing. Or is there something you guys aren't telling me?

This is my 2012 take on the skate look (sans the actual skating part). My obsession with headwear continues to be fuelled with this sick 5 panel from the NZ brand, I Love Ugly (yes if you're wondering, I deliberately chose not to go with the now mainstream Supreme/ Obey ones). Brand snob. I adore the fact that my new oversized Ksubi vest has the power to turn a ruffled drop waist dress into something a little more laid back (am I one of the boys yet?). And I told you I'd be jumping around from style to style: first beach-y then retro and now skate. Last week it was Lana, this week it's Avril. I wonder which musical influence I will channel next?

PS. Can I just point out how difficult it is to shoot at a skate park? Every time I drive past one there are always hooligans people there! Lucky we snuck a few shots in before the school bell rang.

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  1. I LOVE this melissa! love how you've toughened up a pretty dress. I see you caved on the ksubi vest! excellent choice x

  2. I love the hat! What a fun look too. I love how you styled it!

  3. haha its true...I sang Lavigne songs and totally wanted to be her! Awesome Ksubi vest love! x