It says Ong... kinda.

 Equipment shirt, sass & bide shorts (similar here), Witchery jacket, Acne boots, Equip necklace, Michael Kors watch.
Photos by April

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, whoever decided that denim cut offs (that border on the verge of underwear) and low cut singlets with added sideboob should be the official festival uniform should be... well I don't know. But it gets a bit old doesn't it? I can't say I'm a pro at festival dressing (Harvest would be the second after Soundwave a few years back) but I tried my best to get that balance of comfortable, practical and cool. I told myself I'd refrain from wearing the more expensive stuff in my wardrobe (in fear of getting it ruined by an accidental drink spill or mud) but I somehow ended up reaching for my Equipment shirt - which was thankfully in tact by the end of the night. And of course the standard khaki jacket that conveniently doubled as a mat to protect my white shorts.

Thanks to miss April who won a competition to report from some of the major music festivals of the season, I was fortunate enough to be asked to come along for the ride. Neither of us are avoid festival go-ers but yolo right? I was so impressed by all the acts I saw - they all had an incredible performance quality and sounded killer live (which is often so hard to witness these days). Especially since some of these acts have been around since the 90's, it was really amazing to be in the presence of such well regarded performers. Of course my highlight of my night was jamming to Santigold complete with three costume changes, backup dancers with serious moves, a band decked out in white on white and her infectious beats. 

Harvest shortlist
Erase Me - Ben Folds Five
E-Pro - Beck
Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
Go! - Santigold (feat. Karen O)


  1. you look fantastic! festival dressing is tricky, but you look comfy and still classy! x

  2. Love this outfit! And your blog. How am I only finding it now?
    Nice to see something other than knicker shorts and crop tops at a festival.


  3. You look amazing!
    Definitely rocking this ensemble - it's much better than the typical festival uniform :)
    I've missed reading your blog, so glad I can read it again yay