monday muse. the decorum.

The Decorum is an online space where the words are as beautiful as its immaculately composed images. This isn't just any blog. It's a visual feast for the eyes produced by five creative minds (and close friends) who have come together to explore the element of style in all facets of life - whether it be as simple as ice tea on a hot summer's day or as luxurious as a crisp classic white shirt. Nothing says a beautiful life quite like home cooked meals, inspiring decor and effortless dressing. The Decorum girls have accumulated experience in styling, journalism, publicity and interior decorating and work at some of the most sought after glossy publications and PR agencies in the country. I've even had the honour of working under and with some of these talented (super)women. How they have time to pull together compelling editorials and curated posts with 9 - 5 weekdays continually baffles me. Professionally they inspire me to work towards my dream job (whatever that may be) but their collaboration has also opened my eyes to an appreciation towards the finer things in everyday life. Just see for yourselves...

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