purchase party.

Dieppa Restrepo loafer, Dress Up tank and Maison Balzac candle (both from My Chameleon), Joe's Jeans denim.

The most satisfying purchases often come at the most unsuitable of times.Yes I may have resulted to a mini spending spree in the middle of the final week of classes for the year as a way of maintaining my sanity and slightly increase my happiness levels. Don't judge. I know you're normally supposed to mark the end of semester with something special but I've clearly decided to arrive a little too early to the party. Looks like I won't have the cashola to make that celebratory purchase happen anyway. But I am more than content with what is laid out in front of me. 

Cannot rave on enough about these Dieppa Restrepo loafers. The quality of the leather is incredible and I survived a whole day traversing across the city in them and no blisters. It's certainly a huge jump from my canvas Topshop ones that look more like grandma's bed slippers than a classier version of ballet flats. And as for that Dress Up tank which has so cleverly blended into my bed sheets - don't ever underestimate the power of a simple but well cut cotton top. Easy and breezy. It's like that skin colour pencil in the box of your Faber Castell's. You don't find it absolutely essential to the set but without it you're completely lost (I mean you can't colour anyone's skin in!). I'm heading towards the home stretch - an essay, a reflective journal and a marketing exam all happening early next week. My mind is already in holiday mode

Don't forget to enter the Popbasic giveaway. Less than a week to go! 


  1. hello pretty loafers! What a fab purchase hun. Good luck with exams! x

  2. My got my eye set on those chic loafers. Do your best on the exams! >.< Got my eye on your next posts.

  3. Gorgeous slipper, love the texture and cute tassel!


  4. LOVE the loafers. The texture looks so nice!