This wouldn't be the first time I've seen this collection. In fact it's almost old news to me, but certainly not to you. So of course I have to share the love! I first laid eyes on The Wanderlust earlier this year at our media showing held at Mr Cook, a florist in Potts Point. I've been working with this collection ever since, in fact I could probably tell you the names and colourways  of all the pieces. 

I've been interning at Samantha Wills for just over a year now and after being exposed to two summer, one bridal and two winter collections, I can safely say that The Wanderlust is by far my favourite to date (and my favourite campaign to date too, featuring fresh-faced Saga Rickman).  Inspired by the desire to travel and experience everything the world has to offer, the collection features an injection of peaches, turquoise and yellows amongst burnished golds, silvers and gunmetals. Parts of the collection have a really 1920's art deco feel (I think Chrysler building when I see the Liberty necklace in the last image), the other half embodies the essence of summer with its bright colour palette and layer-able (and by that I mean able to be layered easily) style. 

I love seeing the way Samantha's designs and the SW empire have grown since I started. The way she's incorporated the signature Bohemian Bardot teardrop into many of the pieces in this collection is like no other, seeing how certain elements have evolved throughout the seasons (the gold chain mail-esque necklace in the forth picture was initially part of a statement layered necklace last summer, but the girls in the office loved wearing that one specific part so much so it was made into a solo piece) and of course the incredible styling and merchandising. I was so impressed seeing Samantha hard at work at our first media showing as she brought the collection to life with vases, jars, candles, books, trinkets and blooms. Let me tell you, we've come a long way since the black felt stylist trays!

I swear I'm not biased.... okay maybe just a little, but trust me, you're bound love this collection as much as I do! The collection drops in just a matter of days, July 1 to be exact, so get your wish lists ready (my personal picks are the statement necklaces and the bracelet sets) - I've had mine prepared for months!


  1. Definitely one of my favourite SW collections as well! So much colour! <3

    Your photos are gorgeous, too! ;)

    x Aprilia

  2. Lovelovelove the old school 20s vibe! The rings are so pretty :)

    x Stace

  3. The collection is stunning! So much love for that statement piece of neck candy. Love how the collection was presented too! Divine!

    Christie x

  4. what stunning pieces! the last necklace definitely looks like the chrysler building, now that you mention it! x

  5. amazing collection! I really love that statement necklace in the first picture and all those rings in the third. the bit of coral and turquoise is so nice. you're so lucky to be surrounded by it all.

    maddie x