the gloss collection.

A few weeks ago I suffered a minor injury after burning my ear on a straightener and while you might be cringing at the thought, I was actually impressed I had a straightener hot enough to burn me. Yeah I'm weird. But if you owned a $30 straightener that barely heated past 30 degrees and did next to nothing for your hair, you'd be pretty impressed that your new one works a charm. Nothing beats a good quality flat iron, especially when it becomes such a integral part of your every morning ritual (can't imagine what I'd do without mine), and considering the cost per use (practically nothing) it's worth forking out a little extra for something that's efficient, easy to use and you know is going to work. 

If you're in the market for a new straightener, I'd highly suggest checking out what ghd has to offer. They've recently launched a new limited edition ghd flat iron available in a shiny black patent or poppy red, a sleek and more polished take on the class gold series stylers. The gloss IV stylers with advanced ceramic heater technology and swivel cord are perfect for easy, fast straightening as well as producing soft curls and beach waves. Whatever your style for the day, expect your hair to be finished with glossy shine. 

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  1. Do you use it every day? I'm definitely investing in one when I grow my hair.. one day..

    Nora Finds