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Inspired by Hannah Rose's regular dose of cinematic style and the gentle reminder of my fascination with the 80's teen lifestyle from the John Hughes era courtesy of Angela, I felt it necessary to dedicate a post to a Hughes heroine who didn't really do much in the way of heroism or girl power. In fact she was probably the complete opposite. A devoted girlfriend with little expression of her own opinion or independence, not fraught with boy problems (see Sam in Sixteen Candles), not concerned about popularity (see Claire in The Breakfast Club). To be completely honest, I'd say Sloane Peterson cared little about anything. And that's what I loved about her the most. Maybe it was her effortless-ness and confidence that captured me, her calm collectedness in the face of danger of being caught out, clearly not feeling guilty about cutting class and going along with Ferris' crazy schemes. 

And don't get me started on her style. While she only wore one outfit for the entirety of the film, I dare say she would have become an instant style icon for the young women of her generation (and for those in the future). Looking like a private school boy from the waist down (grey culottes and knee high socks), layering sweatshirt over sweatshirt waist up, Sloane completes her effortless minimal cool look with black sunglasses, a leather cross body bag (because who needs excess baggage when you're gallivanting around the city) and naturally beautiful just woke up hair. How can I forget the classic fringe leather jacket with huge shoulder pads and how she manages to not make herself look like the a country music popstar? If Sloane lived in the present day, I think she'd get along quite well with Mary Kate and Ashley

Apologies for being MIA a little longer than initially anticipated, not long until the light at the end of the tunnel in seven days.


  1. I love these shots, I mean, look at that jacket! The fringe is amazing!

  2. in love with her outfit!
    x Stace

  3. absolutely have to agree!
    so much loving for this post right now I can't explain!
    kind of in love and kind of perfect x