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DOROTA’s Resort 2014 collection explores ideas of dress codes and the luxurious nature of 1950’s cruise fashion. And so fitting, having just returned from a cruise, I’m taken back to the balmy days and breezy nights sailing the seven seas (and I really mean just the one). Though my cruise wardrobe was no where as cruise as it could have and should have been, it was really just loungewear and nothing quite as elegant and polished as DOROTA’s latest offering. Designer Dot Drabarek looks to the past to provide inspiration to a collection that is inherently still modern and fresh. A throwback to the relaxed charm of mid century Saint Tropez, the collection conjures dreamy images of afternoons by the seaside and afternoons sailing about luxury yachts.

Tennis whites, nautical stripes, feminine pleating, high waistlines and A line silhouettes are referenced throughout and centred around the hero piece - the cropped cami. The fabrications just as much a reflection of the time and occasion with floaty linen and cotton by day, transforming into textured blacks and blush lace by night. 

I’ve recently started watching Mad Men (why can’t all men dress like Don Draper?) and it had me thinking about what life would have been like during that time. They don’t make them like they used to. I can’t say I would have enjoyed the inevitable secretarial turned housewife duties (I’d much rather be a mad man myself) but if DOROTA’s collection is any indication of the lavish summers spent abroad, sign me up for the time machine.

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