down and out.

It's hard to believe that once upon a time, people considered navy and black to be a no-go colour combo because after black and white (followed closely by black and marle grey), I couldn't see a more fitting duo. I went navy with this boxy cropped top by up and coming Australian label, Arnley. Launched in 2011 when Kelly Sharples decided to make the switch from architecture to fashion, Arnley boasts polished, classic silhouettes with a modern edge focusing on relaxed tailoring and pure design elements. The swing crop epitomes the architectural yet feminine aesthetic through its wide sleeves which I surprisingly took a liking towards. And then there are my insanely versatile Asos shorts, one of the best purchases I made last year. I never had much luck with Asos, that is until I came across these bad boys. They've reproduced this winning style in a bunch of different colours, prints and textures and lucky for you most of them are on sale. I highly recommend getting yourself a pair - you can't be wearing denim cut offs all the time now can you?