cruising together.

Rhapsody of the Seas, our home away from home | Island life on Daydream Island | On the lookout, Lifou Island
Under the Sea, Isle of Pines | GoPro taking the best selfies at Cascade Waterfalls, Noumea | Finding Crush at the Great Barrier Reef 
Loving the floral arrangements and garlands from the locals, Isle of Pines | Having a Breakfast Club moment stand up paddle boarding, Noumea

So I've been off the grid for a little over two weeks and I have to say it's been extremely refreshing and reinvigorating. For someone who is glued to their phone every waking moment, the idea of being stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean without internet access was a little daunting but in the end I didn't miss it one bit. 

I disappeared on a cruise with Jack and his family with ports in Queensland, Vanuatu and New Caledonia with plenty of sun, sea, snorkelling and sweltering heat. Let me just dispel the myth that cruises are for old people. Yes a majority of the activities on board are geared towards that demographic (though I did give bingo a serious go) but I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs to be forced to relax ie. me. You're literally floating in the middle of no where with absolutely no ties to the 'real world' with nothing to do but eat, swim, watch movies and sleep. Let's just say I had my fair share of morning and afternoon naps and multiple servings of desserts. The great thing about cruising is that that the journey itself is part of the holiday not a means of getting from one destination to another. 

Sailing back to reality, I'm desperate to be surrounded by the big blue again and get back into my water sports (snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, white water rafting - you name it I've done it) which I've come to realise I absolutely love about island getaways. Anyway I hope you all had an amazing break over Christmas and New Year. Determined to make the most out of 2014. 


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  2. Ahhh that sounds amazing Mel!!!!
    The pics look gorgeous. I'm heading to Thailand wooo can't wait to relax and have no phone on me haha!

    x x Stace