shanghai weekend.

Obligatory tourist photo along The Bund with the Oriental Pearl Tower and Pudong skyscrapers | New York looking streets along the French Concession | Some of the finest Xiao long bao in Shanghai at Nanxiang restaurant | Shanghai's take on Central Park | Elevator up to the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Centre observatory | Traditional Yu Gardens tucked away in the heart of the city | Cooling off at People's Square | East meets west at the Old French Concession | Birdseye view of Shanghai at the top of SWFC.

My last weekend in China, I decided to take a spontaneous last-minute trip to visit Shanghai. I was initially uninterested, not because I feel like Shanghai wouldn't be my kind of city (because it sure as hell was) but more so because I was worried the short amount of time we were there (less than 48 hours) wouldn't do it justice. One of the things I admire most about my mother was that she travelled a lot on her own after she graduated around Europe, the US and Canada so she's a firm believer of seeing the world while you're still young. And while she disagrees with me on many things, she was quick to encourage me to go and see Shanghai, or as she refers to it, the New York of the East, as there would be no better time to go. 

So I took the five hour bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai with a group of friends and ventured into unknown territory. Of course I loved Shanghai. Unlike Beijing, Shanghai has that true city vibe, with the planned feel of Melbourne, French influence, New York looking streets and the underlying oriental foundations, it's cosmopolitan, modern and very cool. Although a weekend seems like I'm pressed for time, I managed to cram in as much sight seeing as I could and ticked all the boxes of the 'must do's in Shanghai'. #successismine


  1. DUMPRINGZ! You missing China makes so much sense now.

  2. shanghai looks amazing! love the photos x