beijing bound. part 2.

Sitting in KLIA at Dome Cafe (and wondering why there isn't one in Sydney) catching up on my blogging, photo uploading and video editing. It always feels like you never have enough time to properly sort through these post-holiday formalities once you're back to reality. Because the unfortunate reality is, holidays don't last forever. As soon as you hit home soil, it's straight back into daily routine. After a month of no work, interning, stress-free class, minimal homework and all the free time in the world, going back to my jam packed schedule seems very unappealing. 

Home movies were pretty big in my family growing up. Sadly I think most of our holiday tapes are either damaged or I eagerly taped The Simpsons episodes over them during pre-Internet streaming times. After the rise of the digital camera, people stopped taking their video footage seriously. It's all good to whip out your camera phone in those spontaneous moments but what exactly do you do with that 10 seconds of a street performer or panorama view? They just end up being stored on your phone, never touched and eventually deleted. That's where I believe the video diary comes in - the home movie of the 21st century. Part 2 of my Beijing Bound video series backed by the chilled sounds of New Navy x Flume and includes incredible views of unrestored sections of the Great Wall at Huang Hua (definitely the highlight of the trip), the tourist heavy hutongs at Wangfujing and Nanluoguxiang and more scenes from my favourite spot in Beijing, Qianhai. 


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