You'd think taking visual arts for the HSC would make me somewhat skilled in the art of DIY, but I sadly lack the creativity to do something groundbreaking with a plain white tee. Nonetheless, I've given it a go in the name of the blog, oh the things I do for you f&s. I spent a rainy afternoon in Beijing (supposedly rare during summer but it looks like I brought a bit of Sydney weather with me) studding up this little number with a bit of help from Boohoo who provided me with a DIY kit full of studs, jewels and fabric paint ahead of the festival season.

 I kept it fairly simple as I do, starting out by adding stud details on the shoulders. After some slightly strained fingers, I noticed the star/ cross detail the closed clasps make on the inside of the tee and decided to bring that out on the hem of the shirt. A little Phillip Lim inspired if I do say so myself. (If you feel compelled to try this I suggest trying bigger studs to make it more noticeable). I added a dab of glitter paint in the centre for a bit of colour and viola! Afternoon well spent. 

Boohoo.com tank, Rag & Bone denim jacket, Rayban aviators, Neon Indian bag, Angle Diamond Dot bracelets, UNIF.M leather shorts.
(Styled with the limited items I have from my suitcase wardrobe, which coincidentally give off a festival vibe.)