I assume, by now, you have my wardrobe all figured out - especially because I’m not permitted to buy anything new until the end of the month (except stocking up on some travel essentials namely Rayban Wayfarers and Aesop goodness). If you’ve seen me around lately you’ll have realised I wear a striped top of some kind, skinny jeans and sneakers day in day out. It’s sad that I have been reduced to such repetition lately (even sadder that Jack has a better wardrobe than I do now – oh how the tables have turned).
The last time I wore this top, I went all out at Fashion Week and paired it with Josh Goot. But as the title of this post suggests, its versatility (as hopefully with most other items in my possession) is its winning quality – though the mesh back comes a close second as you can deduce by my multiple over the shoulder looks. I gain much satisfaction when I find new ways to style hefty purchases. It validates my ability to be able to pick timeless, low cost-per-wear pieces. Once again I reverted to my failproof black hat/ ankle boots combo which seems to add a hint of festival/ boho/ winter chic.
There’s only a Services Marketing exam and four days left of my internship (and every other free day spent at work) that stands between me and Beijing which is kind of scary being thrown into the deep end (here’s hoping I swim and not sink) but exciting because I get to explore a foreign land (and shop on my own for the first few days). You’ll hear more about #melsasianadventure (which should really be my China adventure but there wasn’t a synonym for adventure that started with C for alliteration’s sake) soon.
Photos by Andrea Lee


  1. Have fun overseas babe!

    Btw- that top is absolutely to die for! Love it with the boyfriend jeans.

    x karen

  2. are you still going to hong kong??? if you are let me know the dates we might cross over! xxx

  3. really nice!!!

  4. Love your fedora!

  5. in LOVE with this outfit omg! and lovely blog
    xx tania