sweater weather.

J Crew sweater, J Brand jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers.

When my car windows start fogging up every five seconds without the AC on and I find myself reaching for the black coat, black jeans and black boots combo I know it’s well and truly winter. Undoubtedly my favourite fashion supply to stock up on each season has been the thin knit (and yes I happen to be wearing one right now), little sister to the chunky oversized one. Possibly it’s biggest selling point is its ability to be layered under my fitted jackets without looking like the Michelin man in the arms and be able to wear it during the transition seasons with shorts and skirts. My secret weapon to amp up its coziness? Uniqlo thermals (I now have five from two trips Jack has made to Japan) which have a low enough scoop-neck to be invisible under my knits, jumpers and sweaters – sorry Kathmandu, you just never ‘cut’ it.
It is weird however, wearing a sweater without a layer underneath (you can’t see the v neck but even my faithful Uniqlo don’t make thermals with that kind of a neckline, but then again that would be almost counterproductive) but I’ll overlook that semi-wool itchy feeling because I really like the way J Crew styled it on their website. But the navy is just a tad too dark and the exact shade of my woollen school jumper I would wear on top of my white shirt and navy tunic. If I were you, I’d suggested the staple heather grey or navy dockside. I hear white jeans are making a comeback this winter too and I personally love the idea of wearing something as unpractical as white jeans (only to the clumsy like myself) to give a fresh, clean spin on an otherwise neutral and muted colour scheme of black, grey and navy.
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Photos by Andrea Lee