one knit three ways: work.

I always harp on about buying pieces in my wardrobe that are versatile, easy to wear and have longevity. But how often do I actually show you? I've long thought about doing a one item three ways feature to show just how truly adaptable certain pieces can be (not including jeans, sneakers or leather jackets - they can pretty much be worn in any situation) and here we are many moons later and I've finally gotten around to it. 

I don't know about you, but when I buy something new I wear it to death for the first week or two (as much as I can without people noticing I'm a serial outfit repeater) and I found myself doing this with my Scanlan crepe knit. It's got a slightly higher front and dropped back which makes perfect for layering (even more so when you're a layering novice like me). So here it is: one knit, three ways. 

This work look is quite conventional and nothing groundbreaking but not something I'm used to wearing. I've tried many times in the past to recreate the collared shirt under sweater but have failed. Obviously the cut of the sweater has a huge part to play, along with the fit of the shirt (too boyfriend and it looks a bit sloppy) and I've finally found the right items to complete this preppy combo.

Scanlan Theodore knit, Uniqlo chambray shirt, Jac+ Jack pants, Givenchy heels, Mansur Gavriel bag, Pandora bracelet and rings.


  1. Longevity and versatility in pieces is something that I've definitely been implementing in the last few months. Partly because I have a tiny apartment sized wardrobe that fits nothing haha. Great read, lovely!


  2. i love the handbag and the shoes

  3. You bag is really amaizng.
    And i love your style so much.

  4. Find your blog so great, 
    pretty pictures and beautiful colors.

  5. I love this bag,and thanks for your sharing

  6.  I always love the images you share.

  7. Your clothing is very cool and inspiring to the youth so that more and more nowadays. I really liked your appearance


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