I did it. I bought pants. I haven't owned a pair of pants (denim not included) since high school where we were required to wear it during band performances. But that's what the office life does to you. Clearly I can't seem to let go of my sneaker addiction. My trusty Feit sneakers can almost be passed off as brogues and with the white side stripe reminiscent of Adidas tracksuit pants Sporty Spice style, I still somehow managed to turn a 9 to 5 look into an athleisure (my new favourite style buzzword) one. My knit collection is also slowly expanding with another Jac+ Jack addition, this time with a funnel neck sweater. I'm  taking baby steps towards a full blown turtle neck (I tend to like my necklines v-shaped or low). I'm learning that it's basically like wearing a scarf and a knit all rolled into one.  

Photography by Andrea Lee