winter blues.

There are three essentials I always make sure I'm armed with when the temperature starts to drop and the sun sets before I'm home. Surviving winter in a city where 'winter' isn't really winter (when you compare it to most other countries) is simple with a good selection of chunky knits, jeans and ankle boots. Comfy, practical and toasty.  I find myself itching to buy knits and jeans way before the winter season is well and truly underway. I'm talking cashmere sweater and jean hunting during February and March. I suppose you can never been too prepared. I've pulled together my winter in the city survival kit for the latest Wish and Honda Australia style challenge, tying in my favourite shade for the colder months (sans black, white and grey).

Wish knit, Scanlan Theodore jeans, Chloe boots, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag. 

Photos by Christine Ai

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  1. Ah that's exactly what I'm learning! I was absolutely floored by how warm it was today (well, this morning at least), compared to what I was used to in Wellington. Not sure I could ever bear to leave xD

    You look great in this style - and hopefully catch you on Friday xx

  2. I am loving these trousers Mel. I've recently learnt to say trousers instead of pants because every time I say 'pants' in England someone thinks I'm talking about their underwear. It has made for some awkward chatting in the kitchen at work. This outfit is kickin and you are gorgeous. :)