MBFWA: Haryono Setiadi.

I only made it to one MBFWA show this year and not surprisingly, Haryono Setiadi did not disappoint. Off site shows tend to have a stronger impact - the entire creative direction can be controlled right down to the location, lighting and seating. The all white space with intense natural lighting served as a blank canvas and almost palette cleanser for what was about to come. With Haryono's design you tend to expect structured silhouettes and form fitting pieces but in his MBFWA collection he instead built texture through soft, flowy fabrics, origami folds. His use of colour however was very much present - the colours resembling the elements (earth, water, wind and fire) and the patterns looking like surreal abstract landscapes with vivid sunsets. 

Thank you to Monster for letting me experience an absolutely ethereal. To commemorate the collection, Haryono and Monster created custom designed DNA headphones which were given to all the models so they could chill out to some tunes before the show! 

Photography by Christine Ai (First image by Ryan Kitching)
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