I did it. I found the epitome of man repelling. Drop crotch pants - or better known to some as poo pants. Once upon a time, I was against them too. No to harem pants, low riders and looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. That was until I tried on these Bassike jeans. That was when I changed my tune. Unfortunately Jack and the male population have yet to see the light. 

These pants have magical man repelling powers that Leandra herself would be proud of. But also powers of extreme comfort and an effortless IDGAF about whether you approve of my pants vibe. I would highly recommend you get yourself to a Bassike store and try them on for yourselves before you judge them. Skinny jeans can be all kinds of wonderful but some days you just really don't want to put your legs through that sort of pain/ lack of movement. So that's where the poo pants come in. 

Special thanks to the girl behind the lens Christine, who possesses her own sort of magical powers with her ability to make me look way cooler than what I actually am. The graphic bomber and aviators combo definitely helped my cause. 

Images by Christine Ai


  1. Stunning images, kudos to both photographer and model. We both know this isn't the jacket I want to see in action. But given how amazing those pants look, you're forgiven haha x

    the chic & damned

    1. That one is coming up next I promise ;)

  2. Forget what the boys think, the pants (and you) look incredible! xxx