zara man.

Zara Shoes | Ksubi Jeans

"I wish I was a guy,' is what I said to Jack the first time he wore his new kicks. He bought these while we were in Malaysia for the Japan leg of our trip and has not stopped talking about how comfortable they are to walk in and how warm and dry they keep his feet - jealous! My faithful Acne Pistols have been successful at the latter but I'll admit they do start to hurt after a full day of walking. But just look at these shoes - part sneaker, part boot. I love the leather finish and it's ability to be dressy but casual at the same time. Where can I get my hands on a girl version? I don't think anything like this even exists for us! The closest thing I can think of are Isabel Marant sneakers (and even that is way off).

I don't usually take much notice in men's fashion (I don't believe I've ever spoken about it on my blog) but I may have to start! Jack also bought this amazing duffle coat from Zara which I picked out for him but I'm slightly annoyed because I've yet to find myself a new coat. I'll have to persuade him to be on the other side of the camera for once so I can show you all.

Apologies for the lack of posts - I haven't had much time to sit down at the computer since we got to Japan (which I suppose is probably a good thing). I can tick Tokyo Disneyland, Kyoto and Osaka off the to do list and I'll hopefully have some pictures of my travels so far up for you to see. Thank you all for your lovely comments and well wishes - I love reading them and I promise to reply to you as soon as I can! x


  1. omg love this! you should post up the whole outfit ;)


  2. these shoes are great even if they are mens! I hope you have funin Japan! <3


  3. Love the shoes and the trousers! I agree post the outfit.