travel diary. singapore.

o1. o2. Celine store. I died. Went around touching all the clothes/ leather goods.
o3. Marina Bay. The hotel in the background is Marina Bay Sands. It has the longest elevated swimming pool (infinity pool that is) on top of the surfboard looking platform. Note the 'floating' LV store as well.
o4. Ion shopping mall on Orchard Road.
o5. Universal Studios, Sentosa.
o6. Mel's Drive In. Yes I made everyone eat there purely because of the name.
07. The newly opened Transformers 4D Ride. The technology used to make this ride is just insane.
08. One of the fine dishes from the seafood dinner we ate at East Coast Park.

I'm in love with Singapore. I knew it from the moment we drove out of Changi Airport. Plenty of greenery lines the highways, the streets are clean, the architecture is unique, the food is cheap, the public transport is reliable and accessible. And did I mention the shopping is awesome? The Singapore city planners decided to put all the malls down Orchard Road which makes it a one stop shopping destination for everyone. They won me over with their Celine and YSL store as well as the superior range they offer at Zara (they actually have stock of what they show on the website).

On the second day we went to Universal Studios and as a warm up to Disneyland in Tokyo went on some of the 'thrill rides'. I'm not one for rides because I hate that dropping sensation in your stomach but nonetheless I faced my fear. It was the perfect time to go because all the kids were back to school, we didn't even have to line up for any rides. We just walked through the queue sections and went straight onto the ride vehicle. 

I left my heart in Singapore. The country made such a good impression on me that Jack and I are actually considering moving here if we can find jobs. If you're travelling around Asia, I highly recommend you stay in Singapore for a few days and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I'm back in KL now, packing and prepping for the second leg of our holiday in Japan which I am most excited about. Malaysia was quite relaxing because I've been here before but I love the feeling of being in a foreign country where nothing is familiar to you and all your experiences are new.


  1. my mum was born in singapore and i've been about 6 or 7 times in my lifetime, and it's such an incredible place. it just seems to function so effortlessly, everything is so perfect! and i can't even explain what that last picture does to me.. it's like a heart pang looking at that incredible fish - i LOVE east coast park. glad to hear you had such a great time, and i totally get what you mean about moving there. it would be an amazing place to live.
    chloe. xx

  2. It all looks like so much fun! All the malls in one place sounds amazing, Melbourne should take a hint, they have too many shopping precincts! On another note, I've always wanted to go to Singapore, hopefully I will get the chance later this year ;)

    G x

  3. dear melissa, you came to singapore! how cool! :) welcome to my country, i wish i could run into you and have the chance to meet you!!!!<3<3


  4. wow these pictures are stunning. It looks like a wonderful trip.

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  5. CELINE, get in my life now please.
    And that food! It looks absolutely delicious.
    Enjoy Japan for me!


  6. Love your documenting photographs! <3
    These are lovely and make me want to hop in my car and take an adventure in town! Thanks for the inspiring photos :)

  7. Amazing pictures lovely! Ahhhhhh Celine. One day! x

  8. Looks like an amazing place, hope to get there one day too! Awesome pictures :)

  9. Ahh you make me really really want to go to Singapore now! The pictures made it tempting, and then just what you got up to nailed it. It's on my list of places to visit now. ^^

    Also, thanks for following~ Definitely following back!

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  10. Ah these photos are lovely and it looks like you had a great time! Stop by my blog sometime if you'd like.. (:

  11. i heart celine so much!! nice pictures
    thx for the lovely comment girl :)

  12. ugh, you make me so jealous. I've always wanted to go to Singapore, especially after seeing images of the Marina Bay Sands! Can't wait to see your travel pics in Japan. I'm not a huge fan of rides either, but Tokyo Disneyland was the best <3 but then, I did go on pretty kiddish and mild rides haha.

  13. The photos are amazing! Just truly beautiful! I heard so much about Singapore! Maybe I go this year over there. Wow Japan! This is really my dream destination! Enjoy it girl and I'm waiting for TONS of photos;)