windy heart.

If there's one thing that that I've learnt this winter, it's that I feel the cold more than anyone else. My feet perpetually sit at 0 degrees regardless of whether I'm wearing thick socks and boots or Birkenstocks to the point they'll probably turn into icicles come August.  I'm constantly rugged up in my oversized coat with my oversized scarf wrapped around my neck (it consumes me) sitting at my desk with the heater turned up that my colleagues have started complaining how warm it s in our office. 

Besides freezing my butt off, in the time I've been absent from the blog I also decided to go for the chop again (this has become a yearly occurrence), citing Lara Bingle's new lob as my inspiration. There's something so free and liberating about getting your hair cut, like you're getting rid of the old, excess baggage that you've been carrying around for months. Literally. Exercising with a long ponytail is dangerous to you and those around you. I've been giving my new do some serious volume (that Asian hair drastically lacks) but it seems like the wind got the better of me and turned it into a mop. 

Jac+ Jack knit, IRO leather jacket, J Brand jeans, Acne scarf and loafers.


  1. Love your new hair cut, it really suits you! This outfit is gorgeous too, I love every piece xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  2. The hair looks fab Mel - I agree, it does really suit you. As for the cold.. You wouldn't last in England! it's the middle of summer and I'm wearing jeans and a long sleeved top and probably will be for the rest of summer because this place is COLD!

  3. Okay your haircut is freaking amazing!! I need to get my hair cut sometime soon (contemplating Just Cuts because all I want is something simple) and you're making me want to go the whole hog at somewhere like Oscar Oscar and actually make a proper go of it. Ah and HOW good is the Canada scarf? I use mine as a blanket when it's cold haha